Martin Luther Chapel VBS 2020
Greetings to our VBS friends!
Get ready for another VBS-in-a-Bag
event for pick up on Thursday, August 13! 

God’s Blessings To You!
Thank you for taking part in our VBS-in-a-Bag program! Our first bag was a great success and we are excited to be able to offer you a second opportunity to grow your loving relationship with God. This year continues to bring us many challenges for many of us and it is important to remember that we can give our worries, fears and struggles to the Lord. Through it all, we know that God has been with us and will continue to see us through it over the coming months. While this is not our ideal set up for Vacation Bible School, at Martin Luther Chapel we wanted to provide some fun, relaxing and wholesome activities that can bring you closer to God. We hope that during this pandemic, these activities help you remember that God made you and God will always love you!
In Bag #2, you will find a storybook for each of the two bible stories. We know that virtual learning has some people ready to disconnect, so we hope you enjoy these books and can add them to your bookshelf to reread whenever you want to remind yourself of God’s love for you. Below are some links that if you’d like to watch another version of the Bible Stories, or sing some songs, you can do that! (The songs are always one of our favorite parts of VBS!) Feel free to visit the websites below for some rocking fun!

While you are enjoying these activities provided, or singing some of the songs, we would love to see your smiling faces! Feel free to snap some photos and share them with us via email at! We hope you enjoy VBS-in-a-Bag 2020 Part 2, and we look forward to seeing you in our usual in-person VBS in the coming years.
In Christ,
Michele Pierce & Beth Wesley
VBS-in-a-Bag Coordinators
Email your registration information to
or call and leave a message at (856) 334-0894.
VBS  2020 – part 2
Song and Story  links  below
VBS Theme Song:

God is for Me  Song:

You Forgive Me   Song:


Bible Story     God Made People:

Bible Story     Jesus Died and Rose for You: