Our Pastor
Pastor Bob and Kim Bruggeman
     I grew up in Nebraska and enlisted in the U.S. Marines immediately after graduating High School.  I was promoted to sergeant and was married in 1977.  After my enlistment was completed, I moved to Florida and became a police officer.  Kurt and Arthur (my two oldest sons) were born during this time in Florida. 
     In 1983 I was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps and for the next 23+ years served in various assignments as an Infantry Officer.  Kyle (my third son) was born while I was receiving initial training as an Infantry Officer at Quantico, VA.  Over the course of the 23 years I was stationed at Quantico, VA (3 times), Camp Lejeune, NC (2 times), 29 Palms, CA (once) and Indian Head, MD (once).  I served in combat zones in the North Arabian Sea, Somalia and Iraq.  I made three routine peace time deployments to Okinawa, Japan and served in the Republic of Korea for two years.  I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2006.


     I began Seminary Training in 2009 and in 2010 I had to take a leave of absence from studies.  Unfortunately, my marriage of 34 years ended in divorce in May of 2012.  I returned to the Seminary after receiving approval from the Call and Placement Committee in March of 2014.  
     I was introduced to Kim Hannaman by a close friend in April 2013 and we were married in October 2014 by my field work pastor.  We completed the 2014-2015 School Year and were placed at the Northeast Kansas Lutheran Partnership for vicarage.  It was a great year of learning and growing in many areas.
     We returned to Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne the first week of August 2016 and began the last year of course work for pastoral education.  I completed all the course work at the end of the Winter Term 2016-2017, passed the Theological Interview and awaited the Call Service on April 25, 2017.  That evening I received a divine call to Martin Luther Chapel and Martin Luther  Christian School, Pennsauken, NJ.
     Kim and I arrived the beginning of May 2017 and I was ordained and installed as the pastor for Martin Luther Chapel on 21 May 2017.   
Pastor Derek Mathers, preached the sermon and then ordained and installed me.
Pastor Mathers and Ed Fitzgerald (Executive Director of the Parish Planning Council).
Pastor Mather (Left) was the Liturgist and my brothers in the ministry.
One of the multitude of joys I get to experience everyday is listening to the children.
     Kim has a varied background: a flight attendant, newspaper and hotel marketer, and a real estate asset manager [specializing in HOAs] manager for firms in the greater Los Angeles area.

     Kurt is my oldest son and is married to Christina and they have two children, Steven and Alyssa.  Kurt is an Air Force Fighter Pilot and flies for Southwest airlines.  Christina home schools Steven and Alyssa.

     Arthur is my middle son and is married to Chrissey and they have two children, Ethan and Connor.  Arthur is a Marine Attack Jet Pilot and Chrissey is a full time mother for Ethan and Connor.

     Kyle is my youngest son and was a Marine Rifleman but has a career in medicine.  He is engages to a wonderful sister in Christ and  they will be married this May.