Martin Luther Chapel is a congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod and part of the English District. We are a congregation with a small-town feel in the vast cityscape of Philadelphia. Located in beautiful South Jersey, Martin Luther Chapel serves not only Philadelphia and its suburbs but also the neighborhoods all over South Jersey.



Lutherans are Bible teaching people who believe firmly in Jesus as the Savior of the world who gave Himself to save us all from the wrath of God. We believe in the Trinity, the Word of God and the Sacraments. Our teaching is solid as a rock built on 500 years of constantly comparing our teaching with the Word of God as we learned it from those who sought to reform the Roman Catholic Church from ills it still experiences.


Every congregation has a personality since every congregation is made up of people who gather around the Bible and the Sacraments (Holy Communion and Baptism). We are people of all ages, all ethnicity and all income ranges. Everyone is welcome here and will find an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion. You can expect a small church feel in the big city. We are not perfect, only Jesus is. You can expect to fit in easily.

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Ministries IN NEW JERSEY

Our congregation has many ministries to our community and the world. We do not limit our ministry to Sunday mornings but take seriously the needs in the world around us - needs that can only be filled with compassion and dedicated workers and donors. The needs are great in our community and the world. If you have a heart to help others in need, over the rough places of life then you belong here. If you have a big heart, we need you here.